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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jazz Dancing, No More..

i think my days at learning how to jazz dance is over...:(
after the 2 weeks Chinese New Year's break early February, class was suppose to resume the following week.  however on my class day, meyubby had a late meeting hence i had no car to get to the class. i called the dance center & told them that i won't be able to make it that week but will be going back in the week after. they said it's ok since the light's were out at the center anyway! hmmm...strike One. they didn't even bother to let me know if i hadn't called! anyway since there was only one week left till March i said i'll join back in in March instead...so i was Wednesday free the whole of February to be able to watch Glee! :P

then last week while watching the telly, the center manager called telling me that since they're heavy at preparing for their annual concert this Month, she informed me that class will not be resumed until later date of which i will be informed ( i assumed). oh and btw she said..would i like to join their Aerobic class on Friday instead since my dance intructor thought i would be more suitable at it... what a cheek! so that's my Strike TWO!

i'm kinda sulking at the moment... we'll see what other alternative they have for me cos Friday is our sleep over at my parents day or i want my deposit back!

have a great day peeps!

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