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Thursday, March 10, 2011

the wait...

i planned to have a lie- in after myubby left at 6am for JB & Laith left for school at 6:45am this morning.


it wasn't meant to be...
wanna know why?
cos the person whom myubby was suppose to go to JB with arrived at 7:55am!!!

& the lamest, most pathetic seriously old schooled, utterly outdated excuse given was, the alarm clock didn't go off!!!

if it's the first time or that it rarely happens that is excusable...but for 2 freaking hours??? 2 lost lie- in hours?

i know it's not my freaking business in that business of urs but i'm indirectly involved in the wait since i wanna see myubby off for the journey, tqvm!!

if u're reading this i know it nips u really hard in the butt... but yeah...
please respect other people's time if u don't respect ur own...don't dream of playing soldier if u can't even read the time, Mister!

i wonder what ur excuses will be in 4 months time...will the hours people have to wait for u double up too?

i rest my case...

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  1. i get so annoyed waiting for people. especially if they know i'm waiting and they know they're going to be late and they don't have the decency to even call and let me know. argh!

  2. yeah u nailed that right Tracy!
    wierd think is, to them , it's like it's fine tpo make others wait for them but when they faced the same situation the'd go bonkers!



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