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Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday #7~ a tribute...

Monday is here again....
unlike any other MM entries in the past, this is a rather difficult post to write.
last week hasn't been an easy week for all of us in the family...in conjunction to that i'm playing these two songs as a tribute...

here is why...

myBIL` Jomey's wife~ Aisha had given birth to premature set of twins (a boy & a girl) at 6& 1/2 months...short of another 2 weeks into their 7th month to be in a safer condition to being born prematurely...baby boy~ Suffian Miqhail @860gms & baby girl Nur Dania @ 820gms  last Thursday. both babies had to be put under the Intensive Care Unit for support & observation though they were reported in stable condition when born...barely 2 days later both Suffian Miqhail & Nur Dania were said to be suffering from pneumonia.
Suffian Miqhail passed away later that nite...:'(
Nur Dania on the other hand is still holding on...
it was a devastating news to all of us...especially when getting pregnant is not as easy as ABC nor cheap to all of us 3 girls in- law in the family :'(:'(:'(
we thought... when Aisha got pregnant, the curse has finally been lifted off but i guess it's only a teaser... :(

we held a simple funeral for Suffian Miqhail yesterday morning with much regrets, sorrow & pain...

& for some reasons this song by Annie Lenox keeps on playing in my mind during this mournful time...

to the first niece in this little family(of 4 cousin brothers) ~ Nur Dania. hang tough baby Chumi, we can't wait to spoil u rotten PINK! keep on fighting, we are all here to pray for ur health. please fight for ur mama, ur papa, ur Big brother Suffian Miqhail, he'd given up his share for u sweetheart...& please, please,please... fight for all of us too...

to my little nephew, Suffian Miqhail~  i guess u gave way to ur baby sis huh!?
well, this world is a cruel place to be in after all. u're in a better, safer place with our Lord Creator now Chicky!  Rest in Peace dear darling baby boy.

to Jomey & Aisha, be strong guys. Be strong for Dania, she's depending on u both to be able to fight her way to stay alive through this testing moment of her life...
Love u guys...

to all my dear friends, please pray for little Nur Dania for a chance to live & PINK our little family full with Blue... thank U!:)

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  1. oh gosh... i'm so sorry...

    i'm sending my best wishes of strength and health to Nur Dania. you can do it, baby! <3

  2. Whiter Shade of Pale is one of my everlasting favorites. I greatly miss the haunting organ sound of Procol Harum in Annie Lennox's version. But her voice definitely make do for that "loss". She sings it beautifully. Awesome.
    Happy MM!

  3. oh am sorry to hear of your loss.. getting pregnant is a blessing for sure but I think even if you dont.. it's not really a curse but rather a test from God..:)

    Alfatihah for your nephew and prayers for your niece... Ameen

    Happy MM!

  4. Awwwww! So sorry for the loss of the little nephew. The song choice is perfect. ((HUGZ!!))

    Male Artist Smörgåsbord - MMMM

  5. Nobody sings better than Annie Lennox - she has one of the best voices in the music business - Happy MM to you

  6. Al-Fatihah.

    Hmm I have always had the melody of "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" embedded in my head since I was a kid. No matter who covered it, it still sounds good.

    I grieve to this song too when my mother passed on. It calm me down somewhat, but now it makes me miss her so much. I don't know why.

    Here's a prayer for Nur Dania and parent Jomey & Aisha. Hang in there guys! Steadfast, InsyAllah!

  7. omg...i love Annie Lennox! Great choice!

  8. Thank u all for ur kind words, appreciate every lil bits & pieces of it...sorry didn't get to reply to every comments made here but do know that from the bottom of my heart...i thank u all...:)



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