Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a pair of perfectly matching socks...part 2

i used to think that only i face this problem...& thought that i must have been really crap at doing laundry cos i kept losing  at least one or two pairs of different colour & different designs of pairs of socks at once at almost every laundry time...hence my post "a pair of perfectly matching socks...is it too much to ask!?" 
then Cecelia Ahern wrote a novel titled : a place called here where all the things that mysteriously went missing ended up at a place called 'Here". which i started to think it could possibly be the answer... well where else would all the missing pairs go? even after i turn the laundry hamper upside down, inside out? *___* 

then i came across this comic strip~ "Hi and Lois" by  Mort Walker & Dik Brown & thought it is actually a universal dilemma faced by many people... hmmm...i am not alone after all....:P

* btw, my problem is now more or less solved by me cleverly buying the same pair of socks of the same colour & the same designs for both mehubby & laith..for a stress free 'socks laundry' dilemma...:P

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