Thursday, March 10, 2011 some...

to some..

time is...priceless
time is...golden
time is...precious
time is...a way of discipline
time is...a way of life of a soldier
time is...a promise
time is...short
time is...borrowed

to some...every tick of the seconds make all the difference in the world
cos time is.. Everything
time is DEFINITELY NOT 2 or 3 hours later!!!!

to some...
time is... nothing
time is... sleep
time is...say what?
time? what about it? i have all the time in the world!
time long does a certain food ready on 'cafe world' or
a certain crops ready to harvest on 'farmville / townsville' on facebook.
time is present?
yeah... i'm wearing a *thousands* worth of watch, what is ur problem?

the problem is...
learn to READ the time
Not Look at the time
learn to respect the time...
if NOT yours
respect other's!!!

every second counts..
know why it's called second?
cos it's giving way for u to be the FIRST!

Time is precious, waste it wisely...

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